Welcome to the Fashion Shuk Tlv Magazine

Welcome to the Magazine of Fashion Shuk TLV - Yes, let's not call it blog.

We are Rebecca, Franka and Tamar and we launched our Instagram second hand shop in January 2019.

We did for many different reasons, that I am randomly sharing here:

1. To overcome a bad breakup - sad but true story and with a happy ending, so no worries.

2. To finally get rid of so many clothes we loved but never worn - throwing them away is not an option.

3. To have a side project, the 3 of us together - 3 best friends, 3 complete different professional backgrounds.

4. To make other women feel happy, by buying clothes in a sustainable way, but at a very low price - and each and every time you guys buy something, you make us feel very happy.

5. To create a community of eco fashion pasionadas, Tel Aviv.

6. Finally, to have a place where we could raise awareness on sustainable fashion - so here we are.

We realized that Instagram didn't give us enough space to actually share our thoughts, tips and all the content we wanted to write about.

None of us is mother tongue English so please forgive grammar and spell mistakes.

In this blog, you are going to read about:

  • eco fashion

  • style tips

  • how to be more minimalist

  • how to have a more conscious way of living

  • interviews with people that share the same vision of us & also talented designers

  • news from the fashion & eco fashion world

  • and so much more

Oh and a little note: nowadays the Internet is full of content which has the only purpose of monetize, increase traffic, direct customers somewhere to buy something, pay something.

We believe this type of content is far away from being genuine or even interesting.

We can promise you, we give very little f**k about SEO, Google, keywords and all of that.

Every single word we write, every single post we upload, comes straight from our hearts and has no purpose other than helping women like us approaching fashion (and many other things) in a more ethical way.

We hope you're gonna feel inspired by our words and the things we'll be sharing here.

Stay Tuned, Stay Eco

The Fashion Shuk Team

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