The Fashion Shuk Mini Guides #3

This is the third of a series of mini guides that will help you love fashion & respecting the environment at the same time.

These mini guides are genuine, effective and they are all based on on real life experiences.

1. Ask brands: who made my clothes?

Always ask yourself this question when buying something new. Why?

For the same reasons you want to know where the vegetables and meat you buy at the supermarket are coming from.

Clothes are made by human being, by human hands, don't you want to know who's behind the clothes you buy and put on your body?

Fashion Revolution started years ago a famous campaign that is viral even nowadays.

By asking brands who made my clothes, you're empowering the people who make clothes respecting the environment and the garment workers.

2. Check the label

Again, the metaphor of food, because it works so well.

Would you buy food without label? Would you buy food whose label is shady, not exhaustive?

Probably not.

When buying something new always check the label.

Where was that piece made? What's the fabric composition?

3. Buy more local

Buying local is always a more sustainable option than buying from international brands. For local of curse we mean small and medium businesses that make clothes in the place you are purchasing them.

Supporting local businesses means supporting the community around you, its economy and believing in the talents around you.

Plus, you usually get pieces that are unique and can't find anywhere else in the world!

4. Buy pre loved

Well our motto is secondhand first! Check out one of the many posts we wrote about why buying secondhand is the most sustainable option to love fashion and the environment at the same time.

5. The 30 wears rule

This is such a simple trick that has changed completely the way I buy new clothes.

Always ask yourself and be honest with your answer: am I gonna wear this item at least 30 items? You'll see how many purchases you drop and how fruitful are the ones you actually make.

6. Buy clothes that fit you

This tip seems so trivial but let's be honest, how often did you buy something that didn't fit you 100% but you liked it so much that you bought it anyway?

I bet it has been sitting in your wardrobe since then. I feel you.

Buy clothes that fit you, that make you feel confident every time you wear them.

7. Buy less

If you follow all our genuine tips, buying less will become natural.

And you'll appreciate again the beautiful clothes you already own.

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