The Fashion Shuk Mini Guides #1

This is the first of a series of mini guides that will help you love fashion & respecting the environment at the same time.

These mini guides are genuine, effective and they are all based on on real life experiences.

1. Lend your clothes to friends (or sister, like I do). Every time I see somebody I love wearing something I thought I don't like anymore, I change my mind and all I want if wearing that piece.

2. Fix what doesn't fit you: take to your local tailor the clothes that you don't wear because they are not comfortable, they are too small or too big and get them fixed. It's like having a brand new piece again.

3. Upcycle: you can do it yourself by following the infinite tutorial you can find on youtube. Cut, add, dye, do whatever inspires you!

Another trick I use all the time is changing my clothes by bringing them to my beloved tailor: for instance by cutting the long sleeves of a dress and make it into a summery one, or shortening old long skirt.

4. Get inspired: we all have clothes in our wardrobe that simply don't inspire us anymore. What I do t refresh my love for these items, is googling or searching on pinterest for that piece of clothing and getting inspired by the outfit you find.

Just type into the search bar what is your item (for example: wide leg mustard pants, black v neck t-shirt) and enjoy the magic!

5. Be grateful: look at your closet and be thankful for all the beautiful clothes you own.

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