Shop Local: Boutique 5

Boutique 5 is my favorite multi-brand shop in Tel Aviv.

This is the place to go when you are looking for trendy pieces by local designers.

From Boutique 5 FB page

Every time I visit this boutique, I want to try on every single pieces.

The staff is kind and knows what looks good on you.

They always make you feel special, which is not necessarily the number skill of shop sellers in Tel Aviv.

They have the best selection of made in Israeli designer garments, combining different style: from the most casual to the most fancy and elegant and of course, everything in between.

They sell the chicest items from some of my favorite designers: Tres, Yael Admoni, Kav, Heroic, just to mention some.

From Boutique 5 FB page

At Boutique 5 you can also find a range of shoes and bags from very high quality brands.

This is the definitive place to discover the style of the amazing designers you can find here in Israel.

From Boutique 5 FB page

Boutique 5, I simply love you.

Address: Lincoln 5

FB page:

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