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ATA is the first clothing brand made in Israel.

Founded in 1934, this brand used to produce the clothes of the Israeli pioneers, the ones who came to this land to establish the first kibbutz.

Far away from being a fashion brand, ATA was all about comfortable and functional clothes, the real easy to wear.

In fact Ata's clothes were the working clothes, worn while ploughing the fields, building houses, picking fruit and vegetables from trees.

ATA was more than just a clothing company: it became the symbol of the truth soul of Israel, founded by hard workers who wanted to make Israel a liveable place.

Of course the world and the trends change and in the early '80, ATA closed its door.

It's been almost 30 years that this brand has been asleep until 2016 when Shahar Segal, an Israeli business man, decided together with Yael Shenberger, the designer, to relaunch the brand - and we're all thankful for that.

Because ATA is simply one of telavivian's favorite brands.

Although it looks like a trendy and modern brand, almost every piece has a history and a very old design that just got a little "renovation".

Purchasing a piece from ATA, means owning something that is gonna last not only in term of quality but also will survive trends.

Their pieces are basic but the quality of the textile and design is very high.

ATA has a great branding behind, so it is today the one of the coolest brand in Tel Aviv and especially loved by the hipster audience.


Address (They have 3 shops in Tel Aviv):

Allenby 93

Rothschild 141 Hashla 3, Tel Aviv

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