Shop Local: Ani Shlishi

If I told you there was a shop in Tel Aviv where you can buy trendy second hand clothes for a maximum of 30 shekels and do a good deed at the same time... would you believe me?

Well, go check it out for yourself at Allenby 84: it's Ani Shlishi (I Am Third), and it’s so much more than a thrift shop.

Founded in 2016, this nonprofit collects clothes that would otherwise go to waste and resells them. From the outside it looks like a normal clothing store, but as I talked to Sharon, Ani Shlishi’s marketing and social media manager, I discovered a wonderful world existing behind the scenes.

Ceci n'est pas une... second hand shop

All the salespeople at Ani Shlishi are youth at risk.

They work for an average of 4-6 months learning retail skills and customer service, and when they complete the program they receive a check that they can spend on anything that will help them advance in life, including taking a vocational course or continuing their education.

Ani Shlishi helps to create a brighter, more positive future for the youth who complete the program.

Thanks to the hard work of Ani Shlishi’s experienced mentors and store managers, these teenagers are taught to become retail professionals while taking on responsibility, learning the value of a strong work ethic and becoming team leaders.

Humans of Ani Shlishi

As an example, Sharon told me that one of the girls working in the store was shy and insecure at first. She spoke only when necessary and didn't interact with her peers.

But soon she learned to chat with customers and began to have her own loyal clients, who came to the store almost every day to purchase something or just to talk with her. She continued to gain confidence and eventually became a marketing expert, working closely with Sharon on developing Ani Shlishi’s social media content.

She will soon be leaving Ani Shlishi, taking with her a newfound self-assurance and valuable professional skills.

So if you're looking for great, inexpensive — and sustainable! — second hand clothes, Ani Shlishi is the place to go.

All the clothing and accessories come from personal donations or Israeli thrift shops.

This means that instead of putting your bag of gently used clothes into a garbage can, you can bring it to Ani Shlishi.

You’re doing a good deed for the planet and for Ani Shlishi’s community of at risk youth.

Ani Shlishi is a magical place, a network of people who want to build something positive and create real change; selling cool clothes is a great way to do that.

Yes I know, it might sound corny, but this second hand shop is a rare gem, a place where things are done well and people are truly dedicated to making their community a better place.

Ani Shlishi

Allenby 84, Tel Aviv

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