Shop in TLV: Our New Column is Here

There are many ways to combine wearing fashion and ethics.

Without any doubt, if you really have to buy something new, the most sustainable way is buying from local designers.


Oh well, for many reasons:

1. You're basically helping your own economy. By buying from local designers, you are somehow taking part in the growth of the community around you.

2. Think about the environmental aspect of the the Zero KM Food movement.

Since there is no transport involved (or very little), the direct or indirect pollution is limited.

Second, because the quality of a product that is produced and also sold in the same place, is higher and cheaper - again, because there is no transport costs included.

3. Usually, you can relate with the local designer in terms of storytelling, style and in general, emotions.

For these and many other reasons, we decide to launch our new section, Shop in TLV, where we'll be sharing with you our favorite local shops.

Stay Tuned, Stay Eco

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