How to resell your clothes in Israel

Let me guess: you have a wardrobe full of clothes you bought but don't wear.

The reasons are different: You don't like them anymore, they don't fit you, you ought them and regretted it after one day.

Well, first of all don't just put clothes you no longer want on bench, hoping someone who need them will take them.

In fact, only a very very small percentage of donated clothes end up in good hands, the rest is thrown away into landfill.

The truth is there are so many clothes in this planet, that even charities don't know anymore what to do with them.

Photo by Tim Mitchell

If you don't want your clothes to just become waste, one solution is to resell them

Let's repeat it like a mantra: we need fashion to be circular!

Don't throw your clothes away, give them a second chance to be loved.

I gathered some options available in Israel to resell your clothes.

Fashion Shuk

We at Fashion Shuk, handpick clothes in perfect conditions from women like us and resell them on our platform to raise awareness on circular fashion and save these items from being thrown into landfill.

For more info or to sell your clothes on Fashion Shuk, contact us at:


Screenshot from Depop website

On my opinion, the coolest app to sell you clothes.

It's like the Instagram of second hand: you can find the most extravagant seller and the most minimalistic.

Download the app, upload your items by simply taking a picture from your phone and start selling.

The best news is that the Israeli community is growing very fast!


Screenshot from Mamish website

Functioning more or less like Depop, you can post your items and sell them.

You can't sell through the app but just meet in person.

The good thing is that you can find clothes near you since this app is pretty popular in Tel Aviv and nearby.


This very famous shop in Tel Aviv is an institution for second hand lover.

Chelsy is also a consignment store: you can leave your clothes there and get paid once they are sold or, if you prefer, get store credit.

Dressed by Danielle

Screenshot from Dressed by Danielle website

Danielle is a real girl boss.

Not only she sells pre loved clothes in her studio in Herzliya but also offers styling and closet organization services.

You can book a private shopping session in her showroom and trade in your clothes for credit to shop.

Thrifty Tel Aviv

A popular Facebook group where you can resell your clothes and accessories by simply uploading pictures of your items.

The prices are very competitive.

Ani Shlishi

Screenshot from Ani Shlishi FB page

We'll never get tired of talking about Ani Shlishi, a no profit thrift shop that sell clothes with the only purpose of supporting youth at risk.

You cannot sell but only donate your clothes to Ani Shlishi, but of course you're doing it for a very good cause.

This organization will resell your pieces in their two shops in TLV and Givataym where they hire youth at risk as salespeople.

*Just a note:

In this article I am giving solutions to resell your clothes since we at Fashion Shuk believe in creating circularity for clothes, preventing them from becoming waste.

I personally donate clothes to charity or individuals in need only if I'm sure the items I give aren't eventually thrown into landfill.

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