How to love Fashion & the Environment

Inspired by an editorial by Eva Kruse in Google's Arts and Culture

If you are here it's probably because you are somehow into fashion.

You like clothes, you might even like trends, you're interested in the fashion scene or you simply just like to wear a nice pieces, chosen consciously.

We guess (and hope) that if you are here it's also because you are concern: you understand that something is wrong with the fashion system today.

You probably stopped buying from fast fashion but you feel this is not enough.

You care about the environment around you but you feel it's difficult to combine it with your love for fashion.

We collected 4 practical way for you to love both fashion and the planet.

The great thing, is that are so easy that you can start putting them in practice right after finishing this article.

Making the right choice

Choose consciously where to buy new stuff. You need something new?

Yalla, make a little research on the internet what are the local shops that sell clothes you like.

Also, read the label (it takes a second!) to understand the fabric and where the dress you're about to buy has been made,

Choose local designer over international ones.

After all, if you are in Tel Aviv and need eggs, would you buy the from a shop in Bangladesh?

Care for your clothes

Take care of what you own.

Clothes are made by human, treat them with the respect they deserve.

If they're damaged, fix them; if they don't fit you anymore, take them to the tailor.

Also, skip washing if not really necessary.

I didn't know myself that washing clothes so often is one of the major causes of polluting the oceans.

See here this very useful guide from Reformation on garment care.

Think circular

Nowadays, the easiest way for us to contribute to a better fashion system is circularity.

We can avoid buying from fast fashion, we can even stop buying at all but the biggest positive impact is made by the reuse of clothes.


Recycle, reuse, rethink the clothes you own, if you are somehow tired of them.

You can find so many tutorial on the internet of how to up-cycle your clothes.

Sell, lend, swap, donate if you cannot wear them anymore.

Just please DO NOT throw them away.

Buy less, Take action

Join the Fashion Revolution movement by asking each and every time you buy something new: Who made my clothes?

You can also find other organization that advocate for a more sustainable fashion system.

In Israel you can follow: Fashion Revolution Project Israel.

This tips are very easy to follow, you can start from one and slowly slowly putting all of them in practice.

It's feel good to be an eco fashionista.

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