How to buy ethical fashion when you have zero free time

I recently helped a friend purchasing new summer clothes.

She's a mum of two and a full time (hard) worker.

She has no idea what spare time is.

When I was (kindly) blaming on her for buying online on a very ugly fast fashion website, I realized how naive I've been in giving tips on how to become a more conscious buyer.

Fast fashion has been so successful in the last 10 years because life itself became fast: we are always in a rush, always busy; we process informations and do things very quickly.

But ethical fashion is far away from it and not by chance, it's called slow fashion.

I realized though that you can buy in a more conscious way also if you have very little time - and even if you are on a budget, which is a topic I'll write more about it.

For now, here's 3 great places to buy in a very ethical but fast way.

1. The Real Real

One of the most famous second hand online shop in the world.

They sell all kind of clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery starting from 10$ until prices that have way too many zeros.

They are famous for having an authentication in house team but I find them great not for the luxury pieces, on the contrary for the very high quality pieces from smaller designers.

It's a great place to buy if you have very little time because:

It has such a big inventory of pre loved clothes but also because you can filter the search and save time finding what exactly you are looking for.

2. Everlane

A brand that needs no introduction in the eco fashion world.

Everlane is a 100% transparent company: they list the exact cost of each and every garment they make.

They make timeless pieces, that are always trendy and look good for any occasion.

It's a great place to buy if you have little time because:

They don't make collections, they make piece by piece so the selection on the website is always very limited and it's so easy to choose what you want.

Every garment has a very detailed description and it's easy to understand the right measure.

The pieces are basic and everything comes with a selection of 2/3 colours to choose from.

They make great shoes and bags as well!

The prices are between the lowest you can find in the eco fashion world, the quality is excellent.

3. Depop

I wish I invented this app. A marketplace where you can buy and sell from users like you. Sign in and you create your profile in a second. Then all you have to do is search for what you want and buy it directly from the seller with a click on the app.

And if you want, you can easily sell your own items by simply taking a picture and uploading it directly on the app.

It's a great place to buy if you have little time because:

It's a sort of Instagram but basically everything is for sale: it's very use and fun to use. Plus you have filter per category, size, brand and price which makes the research very easy.

And the best is that you can turn on the search for items just with free international shipping.

So next time you want to do some online shopping, do it differently.

Being ethical is the new black.

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