#2 Eco Fashion for Beginners

E2: What you should do before buying anything new

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I want to be really honest with you: I enjoy very much the feeling of buying something new.

I like going to a shop, try on things, find the piece I like the most and purchase it.

Before I moved to Israel, I used to buy new clothes all the time, spending more of my free time (and money) on shopping.

I was constantly unsatisfied, unhappy and the truth is I felt very insecure of what to wear most of the time.

It's been almost 4 years I changed my approach to fashion and in general towards purchasing new stuff and I can finally say, it feel good to buy less and being more conscious about what I own,

That said, I of course still buy new stuff sometimes and I love it.

Because when I do it, I mean it: I go shopping because I really want to buy something I'm gonna love a lot.

Now, here's what I do before I actually purchase a new item for my already very big closet:

Pre Planning (doesn't require big time, actually it saves you a lot of it)

Before I go shopping, I already decide where I'm actually gonna go.

Sometimes I even choose what I want on their website or Instagram and go to the shop to just try it on.

This way, I think a lot before buying a piece and decide on the many ways i could wear it.


I ask myself a lot of question such as:

Can I use this item for more than one season?

For example, I really enjoy to buy a summer dress that I can also wear with stockings and boots in winter. I look at the fabric. Is it a good quality fabric? Does it last?

Does it make me sweat (no kidding, this is a very important question)?

Do I have something similar/identical in my closet?

Disclaimer: It's not that I spend hours in a shop to answer all these questions.

I simply don't buy in an impulsive way anymore.

It helps a lot to go shopping in small boutiques, where also the choice is more limited - and of course of higher quality.

Ok, let's continue.

The Must Have Answers

The two things I always want to know.

Who made this?

Meaning, what's the brand, what's the story behind, where is this made? Usually the label answers partially this question, but you can also google the brand or ask the shop seller about it.

Am I gonna wear this item at least 30 times?

Oh well, we mentioned before the 30 wears challenge, which is a simple and great way of having a more sustainable approach to consumption. If you think you are gonna use an item at least 30 times, then you can buy it.

Clothes that last are the only ones we should have in our closet.

Those are the ones that always look good, even after many uses, and - most important - make us feel good and confident.

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