The complete list of second hand shops in Tel Aviv

You asked, we explored, researched, asked and finally here it is: the (almost) complete list of where to buy second hand in Tel Aviv.

In this article we've already mentioned:



Love me Two Times

Vintage Kassima

And in this one, we talked about Ani Shlishi, a no profit second hand shop.

It's about time we expanded our list since we get on a daily basis many questions regarding where to buy quality second hand in Tel Aviv.

We also gathered some brands that sell only online or on Instagram, like Fashion Shuk.

Anita vintage - Washington 19

Bambi vintage - Rambam 5

Seekers vintage - Barzilai 13

Little different - Instagram

Chen Galdan - Apak 18

Itay Gonen - King George 21

Triangle Vintage Clothing - King George 10

Betty in Vintage Land - Rambam 7

Timeless by Micky Mamon

Buy Kilo - Herzl 8

Flashback - King George 72

Aderet Tel Aviv - Bogroshov 53

Da Klozet - Online only

Cycle of Fashion - Online only

Outside society - Barzilai 2

Yaela-U-Lela - Ibn Gavirol 92

Dressed by Danielle - both online and showroom

Bigudit WIZO - King George 35 and other locations

Different Vibes Second Hand - Instagram

Fashion_4_Less - Bogroshov 62, opening soon

Icon Wear Store - Online only

Svalka Tlv - Shalma 58

Help us compile the complete list of second hand & vintage shop of Tel Aviv: what are your favorite physical and online shops to buy pre loved clothes?

Add them in a comment below.

Buy less and first, choose second hand.

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