Breaking the stereotypes on buying secondhand

I started to buy secondhand clothes only few years ago.

For ages I was convinced that is so much better to buy brand new clothes.

But once I discovered the world of pre loved clothes, I felt that not only my style (and savings) improved but also my lifestyle.

I'm becoming more and more a conscious buyer and every time I find something secondhand I feel it's more than just a purchase: it's a real satisfaction!

Now, I really fall in love in the pieces I buy and I learnt that loved clothes last.

Last Friday, after our second hand sale event, I found myself wearing an entire new outfit I bought from my friends for only 120 shekels (30$).

Here's the proof:

I want here to debunk the many stereotypes on second hand and convince you that secondhand should always be your first choice:

Second hand clothes are in bad condition

Nowadays, most of second hand shops sell only items that are in perfect conditions, sometimes that have never been worn.

If a garment is somehow damaged it will for sure be sold for a very very low price and it would be worth to fix or simply washed.

Second hand clothes are not trendy

This misconception couldn't be more wrong and for 3 reasons

1. Trends are circular so this means they always come back.

In that sense, in vintage and second hand shops you can always find the pieces that fit exactly the trend you are following.

2. You can find items that are so much cooler than the ones you can find in fast fashion shops, because they are unique.

Buying second hand gives you the freedom of building your own style, since the offer of trends is wider than a shop that sells only brand new clothes - which most likely will follow the seasonal trends.

3. Last but not least: second hand doesn't mean vintage style.

I buy tons of secondhand items that are basically brand new from brands like Zara, Gap, Other Stories. They are second hand just because they were bought by someone who then resold them/gave them away, and not because they are old clothes.

This picture is from A Current Affair, one of the biggest vintage and second hand fair on the planet

Second hand clothes are smelly

I honestly prefer the smell in secondhand shops to those fragrances they spread in fast fashion shops - it makes me nauseous just to talk about it.

Also, if you find them smelly just wash them.

And I can promise you, secondhand shop that don't sell vintage pieces, don't have any kind of smell and it0s even hard to tell if they sell new or used pieces.

Second hand shops are too overwhelming

This might happen because you don't know where to look at.

Unlike big international brands shops, second hand have unique items so they might look less tidy and organized.

You can simply choose the smaller shops, where the choice is more limited but picking the right dress is easier.

Also, ask for hep: usually the sellers are second hand aficionados and would know what is the right piece for you.

Buying new clothes is better

We are 7.5 billions of human beings on this planet and approximately the fashion industry produces 100 BILLIONS clothes every year.

Do we really need more new clothes?

Love fashion, Hate Waste.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Venus of The Rags

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