About: Who is Behind Fashion Shuk Tlv

Behind Fashion Shuk TLV, there are 3 best friends.

Franka is from Vienna and moved to Tel Aviv 2 years ago, for love.

I met her then and we never separated.

Basically, she married an Israeli man and me at the same time.

I met Tamar three years ago, it's the best souvenir I got from my ex boyfriend.

She's more than a friend, she's my Israeli sister - I even celebrate Pesach with her family!

Its was just about time that Tamar and Franka became also very good friends.

Together we like to basically eat and drink wine, to complain and dream about things we would love to do if we didn't have to go to the office every single day.

The idea of Fashion Shuk came after many many talks of what we should do with the many many clothes we no longer wear.

For us what really matter was to create a platform that not only would sell second hand clothes but also strive to raise awareness of the topics that we care the most about: fashion and sustainability.

We are so happy to see that our customers and followers understand that we are not simply an Instagram second-hand shop: we are a platform that promotes ethical fashion in Israel.

Let's Talk About The (near) Future

For now, every single item we sell come straight from our closets.

We are thinking on ways we can actually sell items from other telavivians, who own more clothes than they can actually wear.

Should we start collecting clothes from other fashion shuk fans and sell them?

Let us know what you think.

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