What is Fashion Shuk?

Fashion Shuk TLV is an online shop that sells secondhand clothes and accessories. It's also an online magazine about conscious buying and sustainable fashion.

Do you have a physical location?

We don't. We sell only online, but since our showroom is based in center Tel Aviv we offer the pick up option.

Where do you get the clothes?

All clothes and accessories come from Rebecca, Fashion Shuk's owner and her friends' wardrobes.

Can I sell my clothes to Fashion Shuk?

Not yet, but we are getting there! Stay tuned.

When is gonna be the next sale?

Our first sale In December 2019 was such a success that we decided to do it again and again. Next sale will be in Spring 2020 - the date is TBD.

Are the clothes in good conditions?

Most of the clothes we sell are in pristine conditions, meaning that are practically new or new with tags. But we also might have items that have been used and show moderate signs of wear. These pieces are still absolutely wearable and we sell them in order to create circularity and prevent them from going into landfill. We of course price our pieces based on their conditions as well and this why the clothes that are not in perfect conditions, will be sold for very low prices.

Can I visit your showroom?

Nope. You can buy something online and come pick it at our showroom but we don't offer yet shopping tours into Fashion Shuk's closets :)

Shipping and Returns

Can I pick up from your showroom?

Of course! When buying something, at the checkout select the option for free pick up (in center Tel Aviv). We'll get in touch with you right after to find the best time for you to pick up your purchase. Your order will be kept for 14 days from the date order confirmation.

Can I return my order?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. But, if you're not liking something you ordered, please let us know via email at fashionshuktlv@gmail.com within 7 days of receiving your shipment. In special cases, you can return your order by bringing it personally to our showroom in center Tel Aviv. You can get a full refund or pick something else that you like. The reason why we don't accept returns are two: first, because we are a small business selling secondhand for very honest prices. Second, because returning items are a big cost for the environment. For more informations, check out this article: https://www.fastcompany.com/90301638/your-online-shopping-has-a-startling-hidden-cost

How does the shipping work?

There are two options for delivery: Shipping #1 We ship via express courier in Tel Aviv and via Israel post (also express shipping) - דואר ישראל for the rest of Israel. In Tel Aviv, the delivery is express, for the rest of Israel it can take up to 7 days for your package to arrive. Pick up in showroom - located next to Kikar Rabin (Tel Aviv) #2 There is also the option for free pick up, in our showroom in center Tel Aviv. After your purchase, we'll coordinate with you on the best time for you to pick up your package.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, we ship only to Israel. We are a local secondhand shop and we try to limit as much as we can the carbon footprint of our small business. Since we didn't find yet an environmental and smart way to ship worlwide, for now we're gonna do it just locally.

Can I return my order because my purchase in not in perfect conditions?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We sell second hand clothes. Althought the majority of our pieces has been barely worn and some clothes are even brand new, it is true that we also sell for very low prices pieces that are not in the conditions of brand new clothes. Before purchasing something, make sure to read carefully the detailed description of the product, since we always write any possible flaw of the clothes we put online. Even after thorough inspection, it is possible that we may miss an imperfection. Examples of imperfections that a vintage or second hand item may retain, include, but are not limited to: pilling, discolorations, small tears, pulls, loose threading, etc. If the product you are about the buy has a small stain, a little flaw make sure before buying it that you're okay with it - and that you'll give your purchase the loves it deserves.