Fashion Shuk TLV was founded by Rebecca Pakin in January 2019 to sell clothes from her and two other friends' overflowing wardrobes.

They owned so many clothes and yet, they always felt like they never knew what to wear and kept buying new clothes.

They decided to stop this bad circle and create a new one: selling their clothes in a creative and engaging way and give them a second chance to be worn and loved by other women.

Fashion Shuk was born out of the desire to be more than a secondhand shop, but a platform to create a better fashion system.


Nowadays Fashion Shuk is a curated secondhand online boutique of hand picked, beautiful pre loved clothes in perfect conditions.

And it's also an online magazine that raises awareness on circular fashion, and  talk about conscious buying & sustainable brands.


Our mission:

The fashion industry is the second most polluting, right after oil.

Every year, more than 100 billion clothes are designed and created.

There are so many clothes already on this planet, we don’t need more new pieces.

Our mission is to give secondhand clothes a new life by selling them &  creating circularity, bearing in mind that this is the most sustainable and ethical way of being fashionable.